Jaguar XJ

GBS are proud to say the new Jaguar XJ is a very welcome addition to a very strong fleet of outstanding cars.

Theres no denying it was a huge risk for Jaguar starting from scratch for its core model, but it was a risk worth taking. It Has all the refinement of a German luxo-box, shot through with the spirit of an XK

The XJ remains one of the best riding cars in the class. Makes mincemeat of long journeys and is smoother than a big Lexus, which is truly saying something.

The new XJ is simply huge. Front or rear, all occupants have room to stretch. They also sit low (allowing the car to envelop them in a way cars rarely do) meaning there’s plenty of headroom despite the low lines of the roof.

This car’s interior is spectacular. The new XJ is a warm, cosseting, engaging place to spend time. The three-spoke wheel looks and feels wonderful, and the hi-tech instruments – noting analogue, this is a TFT screen – and beautifully intuitive touch-screen telematics somehow manage to sit harmoniously alongside the wood and leather and traditional air vents.

Jaguar’s new British-built XJ flagship saloon is a rejuvenated and worthy rival to Germany’s Audi, BMW and Mercedes.